Simon pins blame of hit-and-run death on friend, Yemini

Shai Simon, one of the two suspects charged with manslaughter in the hit-and-run death of Meital Aharonson last October, pinned the blame of the accident on his friend, Shalom Yemini, in the first day of testimony of the trial. "I saw figures," he recalled. "I screamed to Shalom and then there was a hit. After a few streets, he said that we should switch places and warned me that if anything was revealed he would kill me." In March, 23-year-old Victor Lavi, the owner of the jeep involved in the accident which also seriously injured Mali Yazdi, was convicted. As part of a plea bargain, Lavi admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol, assaulting a policeman and escaping from legal custody. Lavi had been stopped by police outside Tel Aviv Port, where he refused to take an alcohol test, shoved the policewoman who tried to administer it and fled the scene. At that point, Lavi's friends, Simon and Yemini, who were allegedly drunk, took his jeep and sped off, driving through a red light and hitting the women as they crossed the street. It is still not clear who was driving when the accident occurred.