Sochi Games testing cover-up, four tainted champions

CBS News reported on Sunday that whistleblower Vitaly Stepanov has tapes of the former head of Russia's drug testing laboratory telling him that at least four Russian gold medallists at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi were using steroids.
Stepanov, who previously worked for Russia's anti-doping agency and is now living in the United States, told investigative program "60 Minutes" that Grigory Rodchenkov informed him in over 15 hours of taped conversations he had evidence of a Sochi Games testing cover-up, which included the use of Russian intelligence agents.
Reuters was unable to independently confirm the disclosures in the "60 Minutes" report.
In an interview aired on Sunday, Stepanov said Rodchenkov told him "that FSB agents worked as doping controls officers during the Sochi Games, that FSB tried to control every single step of the anti-doping process in Sochi." FSB refers to Russia's Federal Security Service.