South African court issues arrest warrant for Sudanese president after flight from country

South African High court judges on Monday ordered that Sudanese President Omar Bashir be arrested, saying they were concerned that a order of the court to have Bashir kept in the country was not complied with, a local TV station reported.
"The respondents are forthwith compelled to take all reasonable steps to arrest President Bashir ... and detain him pending a formal request for his surrender from the International Criminal Court," Judge Dunstan Mlambo said.
Bashir, who had been in South Africa to attend a African Union summit, has been indicted by the International Criminal Court over war crimes and atrocities committed against Christian ethnic Africans.
Judge Hans Fabricius on Sunday barred Bashir from leaving South Africa, however statements by Sudanese officials indicated that Bashir had left for Khartoum at around 6:30 p.m. local time.