State ordered to pay NIS 853k to Beduin injured by bomb

 The court's announced on Sunday that the Beersheba Magistrate Court ordered the Defense Ministry and the Israel Land Administration (ILA) to pay Beduin-Israeli Ali Glida'an NIS 853,561 for physical and emotional harm and other compensation when he was injured by part of an exploding IDF cluster bomb while herding camels.
The decision, issued on Wednesday, said that the Defense Ministry and the ILA were negligent in failing to properly warn and keep out civilians in the area of an IDF base near Sde Boker, regarding a security area which posed heightened dangers.  
Glida'an was injured on August 1, 2003 in his left leg, his right arm, was disfigured and received scarring throughout his body from the blast.
A companion, Abu Moslam, helped Glida'an get to the IDF base from where he was transferred to Soroka Medical Center.
He remained at Soroka Medical Center for almost seven weeks, until September 18, 2003.