State-Witness Nir Hefetz filed complaint against broadcaster for harassment

State witness Nir Hefetz filed a complaint to the police on Thursday regarding radio broadcaster Yaccov Bardogo who allegedly released confidential details about Hefetzs’ investigation in a social media group devoted to the Likud party.
“If using a Hassidic-style truck under the home of [state witness] Shlomo Filber is harassing a witness,“ said Hefetzs’ lawyer Ilan Sofer, “what Bardogo did to Nir Hefetz is on a much larger scale.”
Allegedly, Bardogo released details about the pressure police used on Hefetz to convince him to serve as a state witness in investigations against head of Likud, Prime Minster Benjamin Netanyahu. The said details were meant to remain confidential.
Pro-Netanyahu supporters used loudspeakers outside Filber’s house in August to ask him publicly what did the police to him for him to become a state witness.    
Hassidic Jews in Israel often use slow-moving trucks to play music and preach their message of happiness and joy, hence the expression used by Sofer to describe something loud and public.
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