Sudanese diplomats scuffle at Iranian NYC event

NEW YORK – Sudanese diplomats scuffled with security workers at the hotel where the Iran delegation is staying during the UN General Assembly's annual meeting, police said Friday.
Iran hosted an event Thursday evening at the Hilton Manhattan East Hotel near the United Nations. Members of the Sudanese delegation wanted to speak to Iran officials, and about 30 went to the hotel.
Some balked at going through the metal detector and started pushing and shoving each other, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said. It's not clear who started pushing or whether Iranian officials were involved in the scuffle.
They eventually started to pass through the detectors, but the area got too crowded and police got involved to clear people from the area, Kelly said. Two Sudanese men being ushered out tumbled down some steps with US Secret Service agents and were arrested on charges of obstructing governmental administration.
They were released when it was determined they had diplomatic status, Kelly said. Under international law, diplomats generally have immunity from lawsuits or prosecution when visiting foreign countries. The arrested diplomats' names were not released.