Suicide bombing in Gaza leaves member of Hamas security force dead

An unidentified individual blew himself up near the Rafah crossing between the Gaza Strip and Egypt on Thursday morning after Hamas security forces arrested him and another individual on the Gazan side, leaving a number of security forces wounded and one dead, Hamas-backed Interior Ministry in Gaza spokesman Iyad Bazm and Hamas media reports said early Thursday morning.
Bazm said the attacker died and the other individual was wounded. All of the wounded were transferred to the Abu Yousif Najjar hospital in Rafah.
The Palestinian Information Center, a Hamas-affiliated news site, reported that 28-year-old Nidal Jumaa al-Jaafari, a member of the Ezzeldin Kassam Brigades, Hamas’s armed wing, died.
Bazm also noted that Hamas security forces are carrying out an investigation into the incident.
In a statement, the Kassam Brigades described the attacker and the other individual as parties to “twisted thinking which is alien to the original resistance and struggle idea of resistance.”
Hamas has long been accused of providing support and refuge to Islamic State militants in the Sinai Peninsula.
In late June following talks with Egyptian intelligence officials, however, Hamas tightened security along the Gaza-Egypt border, starting work on building a buffer zone there.