Supreme Court demands answers concerning metal detectors on Temple Mount

The Israeli Supreme Court accepted an appeal by Jewish advocacy group Utzma Yhudit  [Jewish Strength] on Friday and requested that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked and Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan answer the question of why metal detectors are being used for non-Muslims and Jewish people entering Temple Mount via the Mughrabi gate, but no metal detectors are used to inspect Arabs and Muslims who use the other entry points to the compound.
They have 50 days in which to respond. 
Metal detectors were placed for security reasons shortly after the terrorist attacks of July 14, 2017 when three Arab-Israelis shot police officers and then fled to the compound on Temple Mount where they were killed by police.
Arabs and Muslims refused to walk through the new detectors claiming this was a violation of the status quo. The detectors were eventually removed.
The Jewish advocacy group claims that there should not be a double standard in which Jewish and non-Muslims are subjected to a security measure that Arabs and Muslims are exempt from. 
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