Suspecting foul play, police exhume body of Tel Aviv woman feared murdered by partner

A woman was exhumed from her grave in Tel Aviv after police began to suspect that she was killed by her boyfriend and did not die a natural death, it was revealed for publication on Sunday.
Mira Peled, 50, was found dead at her home in Tel Aviv on November 30th, 2014. Paramedics ruled that she died from natural causes and the police officer in charge of the scene wrote that there was no suspicion of foul play, after the woman’s partner told them that she was suffering from Cancer.
Not long after her death, Peled's children contacted police, saying that they suspect that their mother was murdered by her partner, Eitan Hanani, a 60-year-old engineer from North Tel Aviv. They told police that they suspected Hanani murdered their mother in order to inherit her money, and asked that police look into her death.
The police investigation found that despite the fact that Hanani told paramedics and police that Peled was suffering from Cancer, there was no record of her having the disease in her medical history.