Swedish plane in emergency landing after bomb threat

A plane travelling from London to Stockholm was forced to make an emergency landing at Gothenburg's Landvetter Airport on Friday following a bomb threat.
Seventy-two passengers and five crew were evacuated from the aircraft. The plane was being searched for potential explosives, the police said.
Airport departures were temporarily suspended at Landvetter, Sweden's second biggest, 25 km east of Gothenburg.
Airport director Charlotte Ljunggren said: "We evacuated the plane with 72 passengers onboard and we have also taken care of the crew. What is happening now is that we are focusing on getting the traffic going as soon as possible. Take-offs are up and running but at the moment planes can't land at the airport."
"How many passengers have been affected can be seen around here, continuing to check in and they will be able to continue but there will be effects on air traffic with some delays because planes can't land here," she added.
Police gave details of what next was happening on the plane.
"At the moment, we've sealed off the body of the plane at a special location at the airport. We will commence a bomb search on the plane to ensure there are no dangerous items onboard it also means that all luggage needs to be taken out and searched," said a police spokesman, Hans Lippens.
Lippens called situation "calm", stating authorities carried out background checks on the passengers since the plane came from the United Kingdom, which is outside the European Union's passport-free Schengen zone.