Syrian opposition says wants to move quickly on transition

GENEVA - The Syrian opposition said on Thursday that it is keen to move ahead quickly with a six-month UN plan for a political transition in Syria, now in its sixth year of war.
Basma Kodmani, speaking after the High Negotiations Committee (HNC) met with U.N. Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura, said that it had presented a detailed memo "on our vision on a transitional period, and formation of transitional body."
"We are keen to move quickly, we are very keen to avoid a process that does not deliver," she told reporters in Geneva. "Mr. De Mistura reasserted that it was a six-month time-frame, hopefully less but no more. That to us is a reassurance."
HNC negotiator George Sabra said that the Syrian Kurds' declaration of a federal system was "illegitimate and unacceptable".