TA: Hundreds call for change in foreign worker, refugee policy

Hundreds of people demonstrated in south Tel Aviv on Saturday night, calling for a change in the government's policies over foreign workers and refugees. On Thursday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu announced that the wholesale deportation of the children of migrant workers and their families, which was scheduled to start on Saturday, would be delayed by three months. But during this time, the expulsion campaign conducted by the Interior Ministry's Oz unit will carry on, without including those families. Hadash MK Dov Henin joined the hundreds of Israelis, foreign workers and refugees at Saturday's protest, near Tel Aviv's old Central Bus Station. "This week, we achieved two important things in the fight for refugees: the cancellation of both the expulsion of children and the Gedera-Hadera policy," he said. "These achievements teach us that the public fight can bring changes." Set in motion a year-and-a-half ago, the Gedera-Hadera rule stipulates that asylum-seekers must stay in the area between the two cities. The rule was aimed at preventing thousands of African asylum-seekers from settling in the Center of the country.