Teens indicted for violence after breakup turns into stabbings, vandalism

Three boys ages 16-17 were indicted by the Jerusalem Juvenile Court on Sunday for stabbings that caused serious bodily harm, illegal possession of knives and resisting arrest.
The case highlights the continued issue of teenage violence which numerous reports by the state comptroller and others have bemoaned.
According to the Justice Ministry’s summary of the indictment filed by the Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office, the boys, whose names are under gag order, allegedly started to get into trouble after one of them broke up earlier in March with a girl, age 15.
On March 24, the girl and some female friends arrived at Moshav Eshtaol, 6 km. north of Beit Shemesh, at 1 a.m. where they met other friends at a storage unit near a bar.
Despite the breakup, the three defendant male minors met with the girl around 4 a.m.
However, when the girl refused to take her ex-boyfriend to a house where she had been, he allegedly grabbed her hair and started dragging her.
When the girls’ female friend tried to intervene, the ex-boyfriend struck the female friend as well.
Next, the indictment said that all three defendants took out knives they had brought to the area and ran and started to stab random strangers at the storage unit They also started throwing glass bottles at the unit causing property damage.
The three then fled the scene in a taxi, but were stopped by police and private security at the exit of the moshav.
While the three responded to the police instructions to get out of the taxi, they later changed their minds and ran away from the police, said the indictment.
They were eventually caught by another police car that was called to the scene.
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