Temple Mount activist Glick sworn in as MK

A year and a half after surviving an assassination attempt and being told he may never walk again, Yehudah Glick strode onstage in the Knesset's plenum and was sworn in as a member on Monday.
"For me, the word 'shehecheyanu'" - 'who has given us life,' from the blessing said on special occasions and new experiences - "has many and deep meanings since the assassination attempt," Glick said.
Glick, an activist for Jewish rights on the Temple Mount, was next on the Likud's list, after defense minister Moshe Ya'alon quit his post.
The new MK was shot four times in the chest in November 2014 by Mutaz Hijazi, an Arab man from Jerusalem who called Glick "an enemy of Al-Aksa."
Glick was undeterred from his work to allow Jews to pray at Judaism's holiest site, and vowed to continue it in the Knesset.
"As long as I am here, I will do all I can to stop the injustice taking place every day in the holiest place in the world, where police officers are commanded to check if a 90 year-old Jew moves his lips or not," Glick said. "I will not allow a global center of peace, goodness and light continue to be used as a center for incitement to terrorism."