Terror suspect convicted in Austrian-Canadian plot

Terror suspect convicted

A Canadian resident was convicted on Thursday of four terrorism-related charges for plotting attacks in Germany and Austria in order to get the NATO nations to withdraw troops from Afghanistan. Said Nomad, 36, a Moroccan citizen who has lived in Quebec since 2003, was found guilty of one count of plotting to set off a bomb in Vienna, participating in a terrorist act, facilitating an act and committing extortion for a terrorist group. He faces life in prison. Prosecutor Dominique Dudemaine said he may ask for a life sentence because prosecutors have sought such stiff penalties in other Canadian cases. He said he had no doubt Namouh was on his way to perpetrating a bombing. "I'm positive about that and it's the decision of the court," Dudemaine said. The evidence is uncontradicted - Namouh said he wishes to die as a martyr and he was ready to fly abroad to [achieve his goal] to die as a martyr."