Thousands protest in Poland against 'Islamisation' of Europe

Thousands of far-right activists demonstrated in Warsaw on Saturday to protest against Polish plans to take in refugees from the Middle East and North Africa.
The demonstration, under the slogans "Fortress Europe" and "Stop Islamization of Europe", was organized by the National Movement.
It was part of the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West (PEGIDA) movement rallies, which took place in several cities across Europe.
The movement originated in the eastern German city of Dresden in 2014, with supporters seizing on a surge in asylum seekers to warn that Germany risks being overrun by Muslims.
Leader of the National Front, Robert Winnicki, said that the demonstration was organized against the arrival of hundreds of thousands of migrants from the Middle East and Africa, and called it "Islamic invasion on Europe".
"We are demonstrating because we don't have refugees in Europe, we have invaders. Europe, especially Western Europe is facing a mass invasion of Muslims and this procedure is seems to be like in the third or fifth century, when Rome collapsed. We don't want Europe to collapse, we build strong-hold Europe, that is our goal. We manifestate with connection with several states, several cities in Europe to show determination of Poles, determination of Europeans to fight for European Europe," Winnicki said.
Activists emphasized their affection to the Polish traditions and national values chanting "God, honor, fatherland."
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