Toddler saved from pitbull attack in Moshav Hazor

A 3.5-year-old boy from Givat Shmuel underwent surgery on Wednesday at Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot after being attacked and bitten by an unidentified pitbull dog that has not yet been found. Dr. Amos Leviav, head of the plastic surgery department and at the head of the team that operated on Erez Neufeld said one of the three cuts was so deep that it reached his skull, and he was bleeding heavily. His mother fainted on the spot
But now the child is recovering nicely. Fortunately, his brain was not damaged. The attack, which occurred when Erez was playing in his grandfather’s garden in Moshav Hazor, was reported to the Health Ministry.
His mother Ravit, who said it was a miracle the toddler survived, said the dog suddenly ran at him from among the bushes and locked his jaws on his head. Her husband tried to free their son, causing the dog to release him, but then he grabbed his again with his jaws. Her brother joined in and saved the boy from the dog, which ran away.