Top police officer, lawyer Fisher arrested on bribery charges

Justice Ministry investigators on Wednesday arrested a former top police officer and once prominent Israeli lawyer Ronel Fisher on suspicion of bribery and obstruction of justice.
They and a third suspect appeared in court in Jerusalem on Wednesday night, and the Justice Ministry said they intend to prosecute all three on the alleged offenses.
The investigation is tied to a case from last summer, which saw Fisher arrested in July on suspicion of brokering bribes between top police officials and subjects of police investigations, including Ashdod port workers union chief Alon Hassan. Both Hassan and the police officers were clients of Fisher’s and he is suspected of using his connections with both as a scheme to receive bribes. Hassan himself was sent by police with a hidden camera and a wiretap to record Fisher during a bribery attempt before the arrest.
For months the case against Fisher was deadlocked because investigators were unable to get into his phone to retrieve information. It is believed that the breakthrough this week followed police success in cracking the phone’s password.
As of Wednesday evening the name of the senior police officer and the third suspect were still under gag order.