LIVE - Abbas: 'We also suffer under the yoke of foreign occupation'

PA President Abbas, who was greeted by applause, as he takes the helm of the G77. speaking to the G77 as he takes the chairmanship, pledges state will spare no efforts to build on achievements of the group.
Abbas thanked those who supported his chairmanship and Egypt, which chaired the G77 before.
"Founding principles of G77 are interconnected with principles of international consensus. They are the strongest pillar for the multilateral system," Abbas said.
Abbas claims at the G77 ceremony that multilateral systems and the international order is under assault.
"We will work together to reinforce south-south cooperation and to continue pursuit of financial development.
"Sustainable human development is development by the people for the people and with their participation. The right to development is the right we shall strengthen and recognize," he continued.
Abbas then continues to discuss foreign occupation of other sovereign nations saying, "We must ensure and preserve this right. Also for peoples living under colonial and foreign occupation. In line with the decisions of the group. Palestine can not be an exception. We also suffer under the yoke of foreign occupation."
Abbas at G77 talked about climate change, which has dangerous ramifications for the Middle East more than any others. Addressing the situation requires bold decisions without delay, to preserve the future of people and  our planet. This will be at the top of PA's priorities.
"We must address the digital gap, provide decent work, provide sustainable development, ensure justice, eliminate child labor, human trafficking."
"Many countries in the south suffer from violence, war and occupation. The state of Palestine will work with members of the group to confront these challenges," he continued.
"Israel's continued colonization of state of Palestine undermines our capacity for development and cooperation."
Abbas then calls for two state solution (Israel-Palestine) at the pre-1967 lines with east Jerusalem as its capital.
Abbas concludes speech at take over of the G77, which focused largely on global issues, with very few attacks against Israel.
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