Tunnels said to be used by Islamic State discovered in al-Bab

A tunnel network said to be used by Islamic State militants is shown to be taken over by unidentified opposition forces in the embattled Syrian town of al-Bab in a newly released video.
The video, obtained by military sources and released to Reuters on Sunday (February 12), shows Arabic-speaking fighters entering the tunnel and walking through its passages.
The tunnel is thought to be 10-15 years old and originally made to bring water from the Euphrates river to agriculture fields around the city.
Turkish military sources said the tunnels were intensively used by ISIS militants for their operations in the city, a tactic that the group has been known to use in battlefields like Mosul and Sinjar in neighboring Iraq.
After Turkish-allied forced obtained plans of the tunnel networks, they bombed the area and drove away ISIS militants.
The advance comes as Turkish forces continue their four-month-old ''Euphrates Shield' operation in northern Syria, in an effort to push the militants away from Turkey's border
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