Two <i>Aftonbladet</i> reporters ask GPO for press accreditation

Two visiting journalists for Swedish tabloid Aftonbladet, which has accused Israel of harvesting the organs of Palestinians, arrived at the Government Press Office (GPO) in Jerusalem Sunday to request press accreditation, Israel Radio reported. GPO Director Danny Seaman told the radio station that he has instructed his employees to take as much time as is needed and allowed by regulations - up to three months - to review the request. Seaman said that the two journalists, a reporter and a cameraman, had responded angrily and even "rudely" to the news that the review process may take time. Seaman asked his employees to explain to the two that various things must be checked as part of the accreditation process, including - he said jokingly - the reporters' blood types and eligibility for organ transplant. On a more serious note, Seaman said that Aftonbladet's conduct would be taken into account in considering the new request. He added that reporter Donald Bostrom, who wrote the offending article, had entered the West Bank under false pretense years ago, claiming to be writing for the paper but actually using the material for a book.