Two more Betar fans indicted for racist statements at game

The Jerusalem District Attorney on Monday filed an indictment to the Jerusalem Magistrate's Court against two more Betar Jerusalem fans for racist statements they made near Teddy Stadium on Sunday during the game with Bnai Sakhnin.
According to the state's press release, around 9:30 p.m., the defendants, Shai Benishu, 27, and a second defendant, whose name was withheld because he is a minor, stood near the west gate of the stadium calling out racist slogans.
The slogans included: "Salim Touama, Salim we hate Arabs" and "Mohammed was not a prophet, he was essentially just another Arab," said the statement.
The statement did not explain how the second of the two controversial statements went beyond being contentious to actual racism under the law.
The formal charges against the defendants are making racist statements as defined by the 2008 Law Prohibiting Violence in Sports. 
The state requested that the fans be released from custody on condition of posting bail, presenting themselves at the nearest police station at certain times and honoring a restraining order that they neither attend any games for the remainder of this season, nor that they come within a kilometer of any area where a sporting event is taking place.