UK's David Miliband quits after losing to brother

LONDON — Britain's former foreign secretary David Miliband said Wednesday he was quitting front-line politics in the U.K. after losing to his younger brother in a battle for the leadership of the country's main opposition Labour Party.
Miliband, 45, confirmed he would not seek a position in brother Ed Miliband's alternative Cabinet — opposition legislators who follow the activities of particular government departments and debate the leaders of those departments in the House of Commons.
His 40-year-old brother, Ed Miliband, won a contest to succeed Gordon Brown, securing a victory over by 1.3 percentage points in a ballot of legislators, party activists and about 3.5 million labor union members. David Miliband, the elder brother, had long been predicted to win the contest.
In a statement, David Miliband said he would remain in the House of Commons, but feared his presence on his brother's team would lead to constant speculation about divisions between them.