UN points to Iraq violence in chiding deportations

BAGHDAD — The head of the UN refugee agency scolded nations Sunday for deporting Iraqis back into danger, delivering his criticism on a day when insurgents rattled the Baghdad area with a series of bombings that killed 10 people.
Antonio Guterres, the UN high commissioner for refugees, said an estimated 2,000 Iraqis have been fleeing their homeland every month, including a "significant number of Christians."
But some countries have turned back dozens of refugees — forcing many to return to some of Iraq's most violent regions.
"There are still some areas in central Iraq in which we believe people should not be sent back against their will," Guterres told reporters after meeting with Iraqi Foreign Minister Hoshyar Zebari. "And this is the position we have very clearly expressed to some of the counties that have been doing that, against our opinion."