UN: Sudan forces blocked access to site of Darfur attack

KHARTOUM - Sudanese government forces have blocked international peacekeepers accessing the site of an alleged attack that killed up to 10 civilians in the western Darfur region, the peacekeepers said.
Tribal fighting, banditry and clashes between insurgents and government forces have ravaged Darfur since rebels took up arms against the central government in 2003.
The African Union-United Nations mission in Darfur (UNAMID) said a team of peacekeepers went to investigate on Saturday after receiving reports of an attack on civilians in Sigili village, some 40 km (25 miles) southeast of North Darfur's state capital El Fasher.
"The convoy was prevented by the government of Sudan's military at Zam Zam checkpoint from reaching the destination," UNAMID said in a statement late on Saturday.
Sudan's military spokesman was not immediately available to comment.