UNGA President Espinosa takes the floor at the G77 ceremony

UNGA President María Fernanda Espinosa has taken the floor at the G77 ceremony, where Abbas is taking over the group.
The UNGA President "welcomes the president of state of Palestine, it is an honor to take part in this ceremony."
The UNGA President continued by saying, "[The] G77 is the most important group, it represents 80% of the world's population and it is for this reason you play an important role in sustaining multilateralism.
"This is a time of great history. the road we have traveled has not been an easy one. The UNGA has played a critical role since its decision to recognize Palestine as non-member state," she concluded.
Guterres congratulated Abbas for G77 chairmanship, thanks Egyptian presidency.
Guterres lauding G77 countries for strengthening global cooperation, particularly in the area of migration, "You will remain essential as we continue together," Guterres said. "Your support has been critical for the reform of the development system."
Abbas returning to issue of terrorism that takes place world wide on a daily basis, calls on all countries of the world to cooperate to put an end to terrorism. State of Palestine has adopted 83 protocols with 83 countries throughout the world to put an end to this scourge.