Unseasonal jellyfish swim to northern Israel

A swarm of large jellyfish, most between 40-70 centimeters in size, has in the past few days been spotted on the northern coasts of Achziv and Nahariya, University of Haifa researchers reported on Wednesday. While jellyfish can be seen at times along Israeli shores in the winter, the quantity observed in recent days is rare, according to Dr. Dror Angel, a marine ecology expert in the maritime civilizations department.
He said one reason for the swarm’s size may be the storm that struck Israel last week. While rare, Angel stressed that this type of swarm is not unexpected.
“As long as human activity continues, including building and development on beaches, uncontrolled fishing, sea pollution, development and deep sea activities and more, marine systems will become more and more unbalanced and actually quite fragile,” he said.