U.S. adds five Russian officials to human rights sanctions list

WASHINGTON - The United States imposed sanctions on Monday on five Russian officials it accuses of human rights abuses including four it said were involved in the 2009 death in prison of a corruption-fighting Russian lawyer.
The U.S. State and Treasury Departments identified Aleksey Anichin, Boris Kibis, Pavel Lapshov and Oleg Urzhumtsev as Russian officials involved in the death of Sergei Magnitsky, whose death in prison prompted criticism of Russia's human rights record .
A fifth official named on Monday, Yevgeni Antonov, ran a prison in Chechnya notorious for human rights abuses, a senior State Department official said.
As a result of the sanctions, the five are banned from obtaining U.S. visas, and any assets they hold in the United States are frozen.