US Ambassador to Israel: initial assessments of Iraq are positive

US Ambassador David M. Friedman has told the Kohelet Forum conference that, regarding Iraq: “Initial assessments are positive and we pray those reports are true. Our military is by far the strongest in the world and our cause is just. We pray to god that we will prevail overwhelmingly.”
Friedman expressed hope that the US will “defeat the threats of our time and bring about a more just and more peaceful world," adding: “It may shock you that I am in complete agreement with Secretary Pompeo,” regarding the settlements.
Friedman said the US addressed the status Jerusalem, Golan Heights and West Bank in “ascending order of complexity,” and that there was no option for a president to waive the recognition of Jerusalem in the statute passed by Congress over two decades ago.
“Thank God President Trump had the courage and the wisdom to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel,” Friedman added.
Regarding Golan, Friedman said: “Obscene to think that the Syrian regime, a regime that lost the Golan after attempting to annihilate Israel and since 67 has led the world in barbarism against its own ppl and others could even compete with Israel on a claim.”
As for the legality of recognizing the Golan, Friedman says UN Resolution calls for safe borders for Israel, Trump evaluated, determined no border would be safe for Israel other than retaining the Golan bc of Syria’s brutality.
"You don’t need a law degree to know who has a good claim to this land,” Friedman said. “The answer with all due respect to the scholars is just obvious. Because it’s so obvious, bc the right of Israel to settle in Judea & Samaria is so obvious, the goalposts started to move.”
Friedman says of the Palestinians: “We wish they live in dignity, peace, independence pride and opportunity. But the Pompeo Doctrine says Jews have the right to live in Judea and Samaria.” But there was no "scoop" about how the Trump administration plans to resolve that issue, he said.
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