US charges three over computer exports to Iran

WASHINGTON - Three US citizens and their two companies were indicted on Thursday for illegally exporting millions of dollars worth of computers to Iran via the United Arab Emirates, the Justice Department said.
It said Jeng Shih, 53, and his New York company, Sunrise Technologies and Trading Company, were charged with 27 counts over exports of the equipment without obtaining the required US Treasury Department licenses.
Massoud Habibion, 48, and Mohsen Motamedian, 43, and their firm in Costa Mesa, California, Online Micro LLC, also were indicted in federal court in Washington, DC, on 32 counts for illegal exports, conspiracy, false statements and obstructing justice.
As part of the investigation, US government agents identified a company in Dubai that had purchased computers worth millions of dollars from US companies for export to Iran, through Dubai, Justice Department officials said.