US-led coalition conducts 11 strikes in Syria, 15 in Iraq

WASHINGTON - The US-led coalition conducted 11 air strikes against Islamic State forces in Syria and 15 in Iraq on Saturday, the task force leading the operation said.
The strikes in Syria hit near Raqqa, Kamal, Manbij, Ayn Isa, Dayr Az Zawr, where one strike destroyed 16 skid-mounted gas and oil separation plants, the Combined Joint Task Force said in a statement Sunday.
Six of the strikes in Iraq were near the contested city of Ramadi, where Iraqi government troops were fighting to keep militants out of the city they had occupied since May, it said. They destroyed weapons, fighting positions, an improvised explosive device and wounded three Islamic State fighters and denied militants access to terrain.
Other strikes hit near Mosul, Kisik, Haditha, Albu Hayat, Habbaniyah.