US renews sanctions on Myanmar, concerned about N. Korea ties

Upon her arrival in Bangkok on Tuesday, Clinton reiterated concerns about developing ties between North Korea and the military dictatorship in Myanmar. Clinton admitted that there was little immediate chance that North Korea would show "willingness to take a different path," but held out the possibility of offering the country a new set of incentives to return to the negotiating table. In her remarks about a possible Myanmar-North Korea connection, Clinton did not refer explicitly to a nuclear link but made clear that the ties were disconcerting. "We know there are also growing concerns about military cooperation between North Korea and Burma which we take very seriously," she said at a news conference in the Thai capital. Meanwhile, the US Congress voted to renew sanctions meant to penalize Myanmar's junta. The resolution maintained a ban on importing jade and other gems from Myanmar. The legislation was first enacted in 2003. The resolution approving the reauthorization of the sanctions will now go to the Senate for consideration.