US targets Islamic State in Mosul, other cities in Iraq, Syria

WASHINGTON - The United States and its allies targeted Islamic State on Monday with 29 strikes against the militants in Syrian and Iraq, including the northern city of Mosul under militant control, the coalition leading the operations said in a statement.
In Iraq, the Combined Joint Task Force staged 25 strikes, including seven near Islamic State's stronghold of Mosul, which coalition forces, alongside the Iraqi government, are trying to wrest away from the militant group. Iraqi officials have said they will retake the city this year, although questions remain over whether that is possible.
The strikes near the key city hit six groups of Islamic State fighters as well as two vehicles, three weapons caches, a mortar system and other targets. Six other strikes near Falluja hit five Islamic State fighting positions, three tunnel entrances, two staging areas and a bridge used by the militants, among other targets.