Police and protesters clash violently, at least 25 arrested

The protesters marched to Balfour Street to protest the recent decision not to investigate the "Submarines Affair".

Police stop protesters on Highway 1 (Israel Police Spokesperson)
Violent clashes took place on Saturday night between police and protesters marching to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Official Residence on Balfour Street in Jerusalem.
The protesters marched to Balfour carrying signs and inflatable submarine props to protest the recent decision not to investigate Case 3000, known as the “Submarine Affair.”
Another group of a few hundred protesters marched from Netanyahu’s private Jerusalem residence to his official residence where they joined a group of thousands of protesters, Haaretz reported.
Protesters in Jerusalem attempted to start another march from the Prime Minister’s Residence Saturday night but were blocked by police. One man was arrested at the scene under unclear circumstances, according to Haaretz.
Protesters outside of the official residence climbed a huge Trojan horse prop that they said represented Israel’s captivity in the hands of politicians.

A few hundred protesters gathered at Rabin Square in Tel Aviv. Hundreds of protesters met outside Netanyahu’s Caesarea home and were met by 30 counter-protesters supporting Netanyahu.

Almost 1,000 people gathered in Haifa, according to Ynet News, and protesters also gathered in smaller groups at intersections and on bridges across the country.
Police arrested a man in Tel Aviv after he grabbed a sign from a protester and ripped it, Haaretz reported.
A rock was thrown at protesters in the Sharon area, hitting a car and breaking its back window, according to Ynet News.
Protesters at an intersection in the north of Israel reported that a man was injured by a can that was thrown at him.
Israel Police reported that they had detained 18 protesters, but protesters say that 25 people, including a minor, were detained and taken to a police station.
Some of the protesters were arrested on Highway 1 as police barricaded part of the highway in an attempt to stop protesters.
"Protesters began marching while endangering themselves and bystanders. They ignored the police and some of them even confronted police officers on the scene,” a police statement read.
MK Moshe Ya’alon marched with the protesters on their way to Jerusalem and was thanked by a leader of the protests. The same leader commented on the arrests, saying said that the police were making “false arrests that are a scandal in light of the legal and legitimate protest activity,” according to Haaretz.
Ya’alon later spoke of his participation in the event and criticized the police, saying that they were violent in their interaction with protesters. “Once again, the pressure and the toxic environment coming from Balfour are apparently influencing police commanders. They are not allowing democratic protests and are being needlessly violent against law-abiding citizens. This protest won’t be silenced by anyone!” said Ya’alon in a post on his Facebook page.
The Black Flag movement issued a statement connecting the violence at protests to Netanyahu saying, “the incidents of violence tonight are a direct result of Netanyahu’s incitement... Anything is better than the continued rule of Netanyahu, even elections.”
The Likud responded to the protests enumerating what they see as recent successes achieved by Netanyahu and saying that “a vaccine will likely be found for the coronavirus, the question is when a vaccine will be found for the ‘not Bibi’ virus.”
Anonymous individuals spray-painted “Rabin was a Nazi” on a residential building on King George Street in Tel Aviv, Israeli media reported on Saturday afternoon.
The graffiti was sprayed on a building that has flags of the Crime Minister organization – which has been leading the nationwide anti-Netanyahu protests in recent months – hanging from several of its balconies.
Crime Minister is demanding that law enforcement takes every action necessary to apprehend those responsible.
Crime Minister blamed the incident on incitement from Netanyahu saying that it shows “a loss of control by someone who understands that his end is near. We are determined – and each despicable action such as this one gives us strength. We will keep protesting every Saturday evening until you leave.”