Witness: I saw the gunman smile as he was shooting

Horrified witnesses recall the harrowing moments when a gunman began shooting toward a Tel Aviv bar on the busy Dizengoff Street early Friday afternoon.
"It was a regular Friday, calm as per usual," said Noah, an eyewitness. "I remember complaining about the sandwich taking a long time to be prepared. Suddenly we heard a gunshot."
"After the second gunshot, a father ran in here with his son and yelled, 'Get down!' We still didn't process what was going on. Suddenly there was a shot toward the coffee shop in which we were sitting. Then I saw the gunman standing right in front of me. He had a black jacket, black hair, a goatee, and he was holding his rifle with two hands."
"We dropped to the floor and I remember the smile on his face," she said. "He shot once again toward the cafe. Suddenly, he fled and people began running after him. People were collapsing because of the stress, but there weren't casualties where I was."
"It took the police seven minutes to arrive," she said. "The gunshots at our cafe were the last shots he fired before fleeing."