WJC president praises US for voting down UN resolution

World Jewish Congress (WJC) President Ronald S. Lauder on Friday praised the US for voting against a UN Security Council UN resolution that would condemn settlements in the West Bank as "illegal" and said the decision shows "America's support for for the rights of the Jewish state and for the Middle East peace process."
According to a press release sent by the WJC, Lauder called the Palestinian-proposed resolution "one-sided" and criticized the countries which sponsored it.
"The issue of settlements needs be negotiated bilaterally, in final-status talks, between Palestinians and Israelis. It is exclusively an issue for the two parties," Lauder said.
"The resolution text that was proposed to the Security Council further promoted the fallacy that the 1967 borders have any basis in law or history," Lauder added. "They never existed nor were they ever part of any agreed upon documentation concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict and have no basis whatsoever, neither in law nor in fact. The World Jewish Congress therefore urges the United Nations to stop undermining, condoning, and abetting efforts to assault Israel's legal and diplomatic rights in ongoing negotiations over the future of the disputed territories."