Women to feature in J'lem bus ads for 1st time in years

The Yerushalmim Movement, an organization promoting pluralism in Jerusalem, will be initiating an advertising campaign on Jerusalem buses featuring women who represent the group it was announced on Wednesday.
The Yerushalmim Movement petitioned the High Court of Justice court last year against Canaan, the company that handles advertising on Egged buses, and Egged itself after the two companies rejected an advertising campaign of Yerushalmim because it featured women.
Sectors of the ultra-Orthodox community object to advertisements bearing images of women for reasons of modesty.
Canaan and Egged claimed that they would incur financial damage if they used such advertisements and also said that buses them were frequently vandalized.
In response last month to the High Court petition, the State Attorney’s office and the Ministry of Transportation said however that no reports of vandalism had been made in recent years.