Women’s Zionist organization to hold Tel Aviv confab on anti-Semitism

Women from twenty five Jewish communities around the world will gather in Tel Aviv next week to discuss rising anti-Semitism around the globe.
Representatives of the Women's International Zionist Organization will meet and discuss their organization’s policies regarding general Israeli and Jewish matters as well as a range of women’s issues, domestic violence, education and support for children and youth at risk, the group said in a statement.
“Jewish communities in the Diaspora are dealing with a harsh reality that threatens both their security and their everyday lives. As well as their activities in support of Israel, these communities must constantly contend with the delegitimization and demonization of Israel,” said WIZO chairwoman Prof. Rivka Lazovsky.
Aside from anti-Semitism, the other primary issue the group will address is how best to lend support to the residents of the south in the wake of Operation Protective Edge and how it can support the children of the region.
Heads of several southern regional councils will attend the gathering.