World Jewish Congress to urge France to blacklist Hezbollah

President of the World Jewish Congress Ron Lauder was set to meet French President François Hollande on Wednesday in a bid to convince him to add Hezbollah to the European Union's official list of terror organizations.
The moves come in the wake of Bulagria's report implicating Hezbollah for last year's bomb attack in Burgas that killed five Israeli tourists and a Bulgarian driver.
“We know that the French government has until now been reluctant to back other European countries with respect to Hezbollah. But Burgas has shown that Islamist terrorism is not just happening in Mali, it is not just happening in the Middle East, it is also happening right here in Europe, and it must be stopped,” said Lauder. "The European Union must stop dithering and treat Iran and Hezbollah for what they are: leading sponsors of international terrorism and a big threat to peace and the well-being of all citizens.”