Ya'alon condemns Druse 'lynching' of IDF ambulance carrying wounded Syrians

Joining the chorus of Israeli figures condemning the actions of a Druse mob whose assault on an IDF ambulance carrying Syrians resulted in the death of one of the wounded, Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon on Tuesday called the incident "contradictory to the principles of the country and to her morals."
Ya'alon further described the attack, in which three IDF soldiers and another injured Syrian were also hurt, as a "lynch" and said that the government "will not be able to move past it and onto the daily agenda."
"Israel is country of laws," the minister of defense added. "We will not enable lawlessness, violent behavior and the falling of justice into the hands of its residents."
While Ya'alon was firm in his condemnation he also dismissed those involved in the violent incident as the few and reaffirmed the state's "special covenant with Israel's Druse citizens."
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