Ya'alon declares that the Defense Ministry 'intimidates' Israel's neighbors

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said that Israel's powerful army intimidates its neighbors.
Ya'alon spoke to Defense Ministry officials during a celebration marking the approaching Rosh Hashana holiday which marks the new year on the Jewish calender.
"The capabilities of the (security) office and it's staff to perform their jobs well is famous," Ya'alon said, "and the defense ministry employees of past generations helped the Israeli army evolve into a unit capable of intimidating our neighbors."
He added, "we have the enormous advantage that the other side understands it is not worth their while to challenge us."
Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon spoke to IDF soldiers in a similar ceremony and reiterated Ya'alon's comments, adding that it is in Syria's interests to avoid attacking Israel.
"Recent events, specifically regarding Syria, show us again the proof that we are ready for any scenario," Danon said. "I wouldn't advise anyone to try and disrupt the holiday festivities of the citizens of Israel."