Ya'alon: Iran has bombs in its embassies in Asia, S. America

Speaking Monday at Eilat port at the exhibition of Iranian arms found on the Klos C vessel, Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon said, "What we're seeing here is another example of the fact that the Iranian regime is actually the largest terror exporter in the world. There is no conflict in the Middle East that this regime does not nourish with weapons or ammunition, with money or knowledge in terrorism. From Afghanistan, through Bahrain, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, and in this case, the Gaza Strip." The defense minister said the rockets on display were meant to be fired on Israeli citizens.
Global arms networks run by Tehran also use diplomatic means to transport explosives to Iranian embassies in Asia and South America, Ya'alon added. "This is the real face of the Iranian regime that is behind the charm and smiles offensive. It has not changed its ways and it has not changed its long term goals, be they exporting the revolution, harming pro-Western regimes in the Middle East, or challenging what they call 'the big Satan,' America and Western culture that is led by America." Iran also continues to operate in the fields of missiles and its nuclear program, Ya'alon said. "As you can see, we know how to defend ourselves by ourselves, and we will continue to do so, near and far, at sea, in the air, on land, and with the help of the IDF and other security forces," he added.
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