Ya’alon: Israel will use precision capabilities to damage enemy

Israel will continue to use precision strike and intelligence capabilities to damage the build-up of force among its enemies, Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon vowed on Tuesday.
Speaking at the 4th International Fire Conference in Zichron Ya’acov, Ya’alon said, “As we look at the future, and where we will direct our force build-up, there is no doubt that we must continue to invest in precision intelligence that can create targets at a high rate, a command and control capability that enables the information to be passed on, in real time, to shooters, at a high rate, and an ability to accurately fire on targets.”
Precision strike capabilities from the air, sea and ground rather than unguided firepower is the future trend of the IDF, Ya’alon said.
Rapid precision strikes will enable faster battlefield victories, in the event of future conflicts, he said.
“In the meantime, between wars, we will exploit these capabilities to harm the build up of force among the elements around us, and to continue to sharpen our deterrence, on the basis of responding to every provocation,” Ya’alon warned.
This will broadcast the message that “it is not advisable to get involved with us, and in these incidents, we exact a price that will strengthen deterrence and push back the next war.”
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