Ya'alon 'perhaps a post-Zionist' for opposing 'Hatikva' requirement for Arab judges

Defense Minister Moshe Ya'alon "might be a post-Zionist" by virtue of his denunciation of a demand made by a Yisrael Beyteinu lawmaker - MK Robert Ilatov - that all judges must sing the national anthem as a condition of their appointment to the bench.
Shortly after being named to the Judicial Selection Committee, Ilatov made news on Thursday when he declared on Army Radio that refusing to sing “Hatikva” would disqualify candidates from getting his vote to become judges.
“In my view, a judge who is unwilling to sing ‘Hatikva’ cannot be a judge in Israel, which is the nation state of the Jewish people,” Ilatov said. “I have no problem with those who have already been appointed to the bench. I will not appoint someone who on principle is opposed to the idea of the State of Israel as a Jewish state. I don’t need to aid and abet this."