Ya’alon will run for office, ‘I am now building my political base’

Former defense minister Moshe Ya’alon said that he intends to run for public office in the upcoming elections, which have yet to be announced.
Speaking at a culture event on Saturday held in Ramat HaSharon, Ya'alon said, “I will run for a position of leading the country, I’m now building my political base, canvassing the country. When we’ll know when the elections will be held we will reveal the other candidates and the name of the party.”
Ya’alon also stated that “The Iranians are willing to fight until the last Lebanese and the last Syrian [man] to reach their Shiíte goals.”
He made the point that this is similar to the way the late ruler of Syria Hafez Assad was willing to engage Israel near the Lebanese border while avoiding direct conflict with Israel in the Golan Heights.
“I believe that the [current] government policy on this issue is the right policy but one must stand guard,” he said.
He expressed regret that Israel is facing what he regards as a crisis of leadership and claimed that “leadership is [doing] what is right, and not what is useful or popular at the moment.”