Yachimovich on Adva report: PM leading us to social hell

The Adva Center report on inequality explains what every family already feels, without the need of reports to prove it, Labor leader Shelly Yacimovich said Monday.
"The growth which Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu boasts remains with the upper thousandth, while it shrinks the middle class, which is already one of the smallest in the Western world, and expands the gaps in an extreme and dangerous manner," Yachimovich said.
The Labor leader said that the data indicates a disturbing trend where the richest members of society get richer, and the rest are left behind.
"Netanyahu worked aggressively for four years to thwart my proposal.. and now we see the result: we have become a country where the strong are light years away from the weak. If Netanyahu will be elected again, he will continue is destructive policy, and we can expect social hell."