Yacimovich: Labor to work on joining Center-Left coalition

Shelly Yacimovich and the Labor Party will work on joining a center-left coalition to threaten the right-wing bloc, the party leader said minutes after preliminary election results had them at a disappointing third with only 17 mandates.
“There is now an opportunity to release Israeli citizens from the abuse of the Netanyahu government and to do this we must work seriously and discreetly because the fate of the Israeli public depends on it."
Yacimovich added ,"I will do all I can and have already started this morning to work on a coalition based on social economic issues and a diplomatic process."
She also expressed her hope that a political revolution will take place and the Netanyahu government will fall, saying “there is no doubt that a political drama is taking place before our eyes - the final results of which we'll see in the morning. There is a big chance for a revolution and the end of the Netanyahu government."