Yacimovich on Olmert: A corrupt prime minister who polluted the institutions of the state

Zionist Union MK Shelly Yacimovich praised the prosecution, the Police and the entire legal system following former prime minister Ehud Olmert's bribery conviction on Tuesday. Olmert was sentenced to 18 months in prison, a sentence that was reduced from the original six year sentence that he received from the Tel Aviv District Court.   
"Years of criminal behavior among the rulers of the state along with a violent attack on the rule of law have ended with the sending to jail of a corrupt prime minister who severely polluted the institutions of the state," Yacimovich tweeted. 
"The jail sentence, even if reduced, has a greater national significance beyond the punishment itself for its teaching of moral and legal lessons. From this point, there is no tolerance for corruption in the government," she wrote.  
Yacimovich also had harsh words in response to Olmert's statement to the press following the ruling.
"Olmert's shameful reaction and his delusional and arrogant show that he put on outside the court is disconnected from reality and shows that he has not repented," she wrote.
"Maybe in February when he enters jail and puts on a prison uniform the penny will drop for him and his partners. He is acting as if he is not a prime minister who has been convicted and has entered prison and still has cases hanging over him. It looked like he was even going to announce that he is running for prime minister from jail. Thankfully the public understands the extent of his corruption and the horrible damage that his corruption has caused the state. 
"This is not a sad day for the state. A sad day for the state was when he was taking bribes. This is an optimistic day of defeating corruption, a day on which everyone knows that all are equal before the law whether they are rich, poor, weak, or strong," she added.  
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