Yacimovich repeats calls for Linvi to join Labor

Labor leader Shelly Yacimovich on Wednesday criticized Tzipi Livni's decision to start her own party and called on Linvi to join Labor in order to create unity rather than division in the Center bloc.
Yacimovich reacted to a poll published on newspaper Haaretz on Wednesday morning that predicted only seven seats to The Tzipi Livni Party.
According to Yacimovich, the poll is an indication that Livni's decision to start "another fraction of a party" is "wrong, harmful and detached from reality."
"Livni caused a temporary and unnecessary weakening of the Center bloc, and disappointed the voters that expected to see her join the Labor party in the number two spot," Yacimovich said.
Yacimovich added it is still not too late, and called on Livni to join her in the Labor party to overthrow Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's government.