Yariv Levin says Airbnb made a racist decision with West Bank boycott

Minister of Tourism Yariv Levin said that Airbnb's decision to remove all West Bank listings is racist and discriminating.
"This decision is something completely unacceptable. This is a pure discrimination, something that is taken only against Jews that are living in Judea and Samaria. This is actually a racist decision - and more than that, I do believe that it is a double standard that is taken only against Israel, against Jews that are living here in Israel," Levin told reporters at a conference in Tel Aviv.
Levin added that Israel "demands the cancellation of this decision. We wrote the management of Airbnb, demanding that this decision be cancelled immediately."
Asked what Israel could do against the decision, Levin said that "we are going to help those flat-owners who suffer damages because of this decision. We'll encourage them and help them sue Airbnb in the United States [and] in other places, so that the company will pay for this racist decision it has taken.
"Apart from that, we are going to restrict the ability of Airbnb to work here. If you have a policy of discrimination against Israelis, you cannot earn money here in Israel. We'll probably put a very high tax here in Israel on the activity of Airbnb."